Philip Chua

Director and Co-Founder (Operations)

Philip Chua is the Co-Founder of TOFFS and looks after Business Operations and Support. He brings with him over 20 years of enterprise software management experience in Asia. He has a keen focus in Internet business and emerging security technologies.

In his previous careers, Philip held various management positions in IT Multinational corporations. He is the Regional Head for Akamai ASEAN region, growing the CDN business in Asean by more than 200%. He was also the General Manager (Software) of Hewlett-Packard in Asia South, managing the software revenue of 10 countries as well as the Regional Director for Lexis Nexis in ASEAN.

Philip has over 12 years of tenure with CA and as the Country Manager for Singapore, consistently delivered solid gains in market share.

Philip graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) degree from The National University of Singapore.

Jason Kong

Director and Co-Founder (Technology)

Jason Kong is the Co-Founder of TOFFS and is responsible for the Technology and Product Development of TOFFS Technologies. Jason has a deep interest in providing innovative solutions to counter DNS Poisoning and DDoS application attacks to ensure the end users have a rich gaming experience In his previous careers.

In his previous roles, Jason Kong was the Deputy Director of the Singapore Government Tech Office subsidiary to operate the Singapore National Authentication Framework (NAF) for Singapore.

Jason was also previously Head of HiTech and Commerce industry for Akamai Technologies in SE Asia and worked as Senior Software Specialist in IBM and Business Service Automation Lead in HP in his early careers. He has a Business degree and a PostGraduate of IT from National University of Singapore.