• Company Profile

TOFFS is the Asia Pacific leader in Secured Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, making the Internet secure for its customers. We develop solutions that help to improve our customers’ web and mobile application performance, as well as improve their security posture on the Internet.

In the Internet world where both bots and valid users takes the anonymity of the IP address, TOFFS helps to distinguish between a valid user and the attacking botnets. By improving the process of validating each request via the TOFFS Secured Multi-CDN, we ensure the security of user login access as well as prevent DDoS and application attacks.

  • Vision

  • To be the Asia Pacific leader in Secured Multi-Content Delivery Network (Secured MCDN) services, where speed and security matters.
  • We protect what matters most to our customers to ensure your online business grows exponentially.
  • Mission

  • Aggregate the Best of Breed Internet technologies as a Secured MCDN solution with cost effective pricing to improve website security and end user performance
  • Mitigate against DDoS, web application and DNS level attacks
  • Dynamically allow the best experience for the end-user in any part of the world