TOFFS Load Balancer Service

This service enables your website to achieve 100% availability through active-active or active-standby global load balancing across multiple-cloud regions, data centers and/or CDNs. You are only limited by your imaginations. TOFFS global platform provides configurable service that maximizes cloud availability and performance based on the end-user experience optimization.

Our customers benefit from a single point of control for global traffic management, allowing for seamless switching from your origin data centers to virtualized cloud environments to the CDN of your choice and back again. We help optimizes end-users web requests on a global basis and give the enterprise the capability to leverage on a cost effective balance between the origin data center and various Content Delivery Networks of each region. This is coupled with the ability to allow the end-user to be served from the most optimum CDN provider, resulting in the best online end user experience.

End user data reveals that CDN performance varies significantly between end-user ISPs, and these performance differentials change continuously throughout the day. The largest CDNs only peer or have servers directly in a subset of the global ISPs in the world. For those networks that are not directly peered with the CDNs, end users must transit across other networks to get access to CDN servers which results in slower access.

The use of real-time load balancing between multiple CDNs optimizes availability, latency and throughput, by routing traffic to the best-performing content source, moment by moment.

Organizations are ensured that they attain 100% availability even during traffic spike or cyber-attacks via their configuration rules' threshold.

This Always On Intelligent Routing ensures that the organization’s website is available 100%, at all time.