Mobile isn't the Future ... it is NOW

Mobile services is accelerating fast with more traffic coming from phones than any other device and phones driving two thirds of order growth. Mobile is providing the biggest disruption to B2C and B2B online business since it went digital.

Mobile is the new normal, and it's crucial that online providers like Government, Retailers and Content Providers ensure mobile is quick and seamless.

Mobile application acceleration from caching static objects to accelerating mobile native applications 3rd party APIs via our mobile acceleration SDK.

We address cloud latency and packet loss, retransmission and congestion from the app’s data center to the user’s device. These problems are greatly compounded in the developing world, on slow mobile networks.

Mobile Acceleration accelerate everything on behalf of an mobile application users. You’ll see performance gains of 30-200% — which translates into higher revenues, more in-app transactions, reduced churn and happier users.