TOFFS Secure Multi-CDN Overview

TOFFS provides an innovative and cost effective Secured MCDN Load Balancing Platform with various options of International CDNs and TOFFS China CDN that is able to mitigate DDoS and application attacks, as well as cloak and repel potential Internet attackers.

TOFFS provides real time monitoring of users and different Internet network performance by combining real-time end-user quality of service (QoS) monitoring with global server load-balancing. The goal is to ensure the best end-user experience possible whilst balancing the cost effectiveness of using the different CDN networks.

TOFFS Intelligent Secured MCDN partners with telecom and Internet operators in China to develop our TOFFS China CDN as well as with International CDNs to provide a worldwide coverage.

More than 5 Tbps of aggregated bandwidth from multiple CDNs

More than 50 datacenters for DNS resolution and performance monitoring

More than 30,000 edge servers for caching and CDN

DNS Architecture on 3 layers of redundancy

Present in 5 countries

TOFFS Secured Multi-CDN Use Case Scenarios

Normal Traffic

  1. Company A chooses a CDN with WAF or local ISP with WAF to serve the traffic and provide application protection.
  2. TOFFS tracks the real time performance (RUM) of every end-user and baseline the users response time against the desired threshold (e.g., 3 sec) as well as the health check of the Company A’s origin.
  3. TOFFS determines the most responsive & effective CDN to serve the end-user request. For example, if the end-user is connected to SingTel network, it chooses the SingTel network to serve this end-user request.


  1. TOFFS Secured Multi-CDN is chosen to serve the user based on the following factors:
    1. Location of user
    2. Volume of user requests
    3. Capacity of the Edge servers in the localized region to serve the request
    4. Optimal resources required to meet the desired response time threshold

Advantages of TOFFS Secured MCDN

  • - Ensure 100% availability with zero-downtime while having good performance under unlimited DDoS attacks – thus allowing you to meet and exceed customer expectations. This is achieved by utilizing 2 Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to mitigate & load balance the volumetric DDoS traffic.
  • - Mitigate DDoS and application-level attacks by switching real valid users in real-time away from networks that are being attacked. Web application firewall is also an integral part of the Multi-CDN solution.
  • Our Intelligent Traffic Manager will ensure business continuity by providing redundancy in CDNs through intelligent failover if a single CDN has technical issues. Failure of one single CDN is eliminated as two CDNs are providing the service independently in an Active-Active manner.
  • Reduce web page load times by caching online content in data centres that are geographically nearer to your end users, and by ensuring source code minification & hardware optimisation.
  • Ability to monitor end-user response time of your website from inside China (over 40 cities in China).

TOFFS Intelligent Secured MCDN Solution is able to meet all companies’ ecommerce requirements:

World class operation

  • Cost Optimization
  • SLA of 100% availability of networks
  • Ability to defend against DDoS and Internet application attacks
  • SLA of 99.999% availability in the event of DDoS attack using TOFFS Multi-CDN

Optimal End user experience in China

  • Improved end user experience
  • SLA of 50% performance improvement in China Content
  • Ability to use TOFFS China CDN while undergoing ICP registration (prior to approval)
  • Support for https traffic