TOFFS Technologies Wins Tender To Help Singapore Government Agencies Mitigate Against Complex, Large-Scale DDoS Attacks

Singapore | September 18, 2017

A consortium comprising Multi-Content Delivery Network (MCDN) solutions provider TOFFS Technologies and Embrio Enterprises Pte. Ltd. has been awarded the Singapore government bulk tender for the provision of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation services . The consortium will provide DDoS mitigation services to government ministries, government departments, organs of state, statutory boards and participating universities, as part of a multimillion-dollar three-year con-tract.

Jason Kong, Co-Founder and Director (Technology) of TOFFS Technologies said: "A Multi-Content Delivery Network (CDN) strategy will improve the availability and performance of government websites, as well as protect the websites from volumetric bot attacks from IOT devices and target-ed web application attacks (such as SQL injections) typically used by hackers to steal data."

DDoS attacks aim to disrupt services to end users by flooding a website with traffic. In the event of a DDOS attack, a Multi-CDN service helps to distribute traffic across multiple CDNs and endpoints to ensure the business’ website content is always available even if a CDN service is down.

Kong says: “TOFFS Technologies’ multi-CDN strategy ensures that organisations will have a fallback should any CDN provider suffer an outage. In the wake of the Dyn DDoS attack, organisations are beginning to address the wide usage of DNS (Domain Name System) as an attack vector. We are now also advising our customers to adopt a multi-DNS strategy in addition to a multi-CDN strategy to boost their cyber defence posture.”

TOFFS Technologies has seen a 300 percent growth in demand for its multi-CDN services from a broad spectrum of industries such as gaming and hospitality since its inception in 2014. TOFFS Technologies is the only company in the Asia-Pacific region providing multi-CDN services. The company uses a load balancer to distribute traffic between multiple CDN providers.


About TOFFS Technologies Pte Ltd

TOFFS Technologies is the Asia-Pacific leader in secured Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, making the Internet secure for our customers. We develop solutions that help to improve our cus-tomers’ web and mobile application performance, as well as improve their security posture on the Internet.

In the Internet world where both bots and valid users adopt the anonymity of the IP address, TOFFS Technologies helps to distinguish between a valid user and the attacking botnets. By improving the process of validating each request via our secured multi-CDN service, we ensure the security of user login access as well as prevent DDoS and application attacks.


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