TOFFS Technologies Elevates Digital Transformation Solutions with Acquisition of iMMERSiVELY

The acquisition will add innovation and development of immersive solutions along with the company’s expertise in accelerating and securing digital networks with CDN and CyberSecurity

Cheryl Koh | May 05, 2021


TOFFS Technologies, a Cybersecurity Provider, has made the first leap into Extended Reality (XR) with its acquisition of iMMERSiVELY, a creative firm specialising in immersive media technologies and solutions (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Extended Reality). With this acquisition, Founder and Creative Technologist of iMMERSiVELY, Lionel Chok and his team will continue to expand on their services with the technological support of TOFFS Content Delivery Network (CDN) and CyberSecurity solutions.

“With the growth of secure accelerated digital transformation, we’ve seen to date of enterprises making a shift to onboard immersive media solutions,” said Philip Chua, CEO and co-founder of TOFFS Technologies. “With that growth comes more knowledge of what our customers need to successfully build XR into their business. We are extremely pleased to acquire iMMERSiVELY and having the team joining our big family; bringing the expertise of AR, VR, XR platform development and creative thinking to TOFFS Technologies, enhancing our services to meet our customers’ current and future needs.”

iMMERSiVELY is one of the few pioneering companies in Singapore, that produces immersive story narratives with technology solutions, that help enterprises across industries, museums and educational institutes easily create cutting-edge XR experiences. The opportunities for XR to create innovative, safer and more secure spaces are almost limitless for training, navigation and marketing. The acquisition of iMMERSiVELY by TOFFS Technologies marks our commitment to the company's continuous innovation in a secure digital space.

“When TOFFS approached us, the idea of how their stronghold in CDN and CyberSecurity can further enhance our push in the XR world was most enterprising. We are elated to join TOFFS Technologies and become the new arm in delivering XR solutions to enterprises,” said Lionel Chok, Founder and Creative Technologist of iMMERSiVELY.

About TOFFS Technologies

TOFFS Technologies is a Cybersecurity Provider company - an Asia leader for Secured Content Delivery Network (CDN), cybersecurity and cloud services. The company provides accelerated Speed and Security-as-a-Solution (SaaS) to businesses that work to improve web performance and speed up loading times for its clients' networks while protecting them against malicious attacks. "We are like postmen, delivering 'parcels' (customers' data) from one part of the world to another, (but) while we are delivering the parcel, we have to make sure nobody hijacks the parcel," said Philip Chua, CEO and co-founder of TOFFS Technologies. With our clever framework, we can customize the optimum solution that is easily scalable, providing 24hrs / 7days all year managed services to satisfy our clients’ online content delivery and security expectations.

We are honoured to be named as a regional CDN Player in Gartner Market Guide for CDN June 2020, and has been appointed as a  pre-approved vendor in the IMDA SME GoDigital PSG grant as the MSSP for CSA Asset Based CyberDefence, a solution designed by CyberSecurity Agency of Singapore. We are also a partner with M1 to provide cybersecurity solutions to the Singapore corporates and SMEs. For the latest insights, follow TOFFS Technologies on LinkedIn and visit